Amazon Prime

What You Need to Know to get Free Shipping with Amazon Prime

Free ShippingIn today’s world, everybody is looking to get more for less, find loopholes they can exploit, and try before they buy at no risk to themselves. Therefore, any savvy business owner showcasing a worthwhile product knows by now that free samples can easily lead to a lifetime of customer loyalty. Gyms, big or small, are also known to give out free trial memberships lasting a couple weeks, giving people an exclusive sneak peek into the many benefits they would be able to enjoy all year round if they were to become a member. So why should an online business be any different? Luckily, they’re not! And if you’re an Amazon lover, you get a lot more than just free shipping with Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial membership!

What is Amazon Prime?

Throughout their many years of operation, Amazon has done an astounding job adapting to all of the changes occurring to the various different entertainment, online storage and shipping platforms; Amazon Prime is a yearly membership program which gives you exclusive access to the best features Amazon has culminated so far. Prime members are granted access to a staggering amount of streaming videos, ad-free music, e-books, cloud storage, one or two-day shipping within the U.S., and so much more. You’re invited to take a closer look at all of the member’s perks, as well as take advantage of free shipping with Amazon Prime, when you sign up for their hassle-free, cancel anytime, no risk 30-day free trial membership.

The Benefits

While getting free shipping with Amazon Prime on over 20 million items is definitely one of the most appealing and money-saving features of using the service, it comes with a lot more. You’ll be able to cancel your Netflix subscription because of your all-inclusive access to Prime Video, which has many popular movies and TV shows available to be streamed in high quality, anytime, directly to your TV, tablet, laptop or smartphone. If you own a Kindle device, an Amazon Prime membership means you’ll never run out of books to read, as it permits entrance into their extensive virtual library brimming with over 500,000 titles. If reading isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because Prime Music gives you ad-free access to hundreds of custom-built playlists and over a million songs. You even get your own heavily guarded, backed up cloud drive with Prime Photos. You can easily view your virtual album at any time, no matter what device you use. Amazon even offers a special deal for students! An Amazon student account is more limited than a standard trial but enables you to utilize their free shipping with Amazon Prime for a whopping six-month time period rather than just the normal 30 days, and once the trial membership is up, students can purchase a fully functional one year membership to Amazon Prime at a heavily discounted rate (even up to 50% off).

What’s the Catch and How Do I Start My Trial?

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Sorry, no catch this time! Amazon is being completely transparent and just wants to offer everyone a brief taste of their stellar service. The trial membership lasts for 30 days, giving you free shipping with Amazon Prime as well as access to everything else, and you can cancel at any moment – no questions asked! Once the trial ends, the service becomes $99 per year, which is still a great price for the impressive bulk of services they provide. You don’t have the option to pay month to month unlike a lot of other services; that being said, other services don’t offer as many features though, like Prime Pantry; a simple way shop for grocery, household and pet care products online, and have them inexpensively shipped directly to your door in a matter of hours. Starting and ending your trial is as easy as it gets. To begin your 30 day trial just click the “Try Prime” link found on the Amazon site and all you’ll need is a free Amazon account, which can be created in a matter of minutes, and a valid credit card. To end your trial or cancel your membership, navigate to the Manage Prime Membership section and click “End Membership,” if your year is almost up, or “Do Not Continue,” if you’re on a free trial and don’t want to purchase the service for a year.

For those who are already heavily invested in the Amazon environment, getting an Amazon Prime membership is just common sense, but for the rest of us who just want to dip our feet and test the waters, it’s nice to be able to get some free shipping with Amazon Prime to test the service while we look over the other features. While you’re perusing around Amazon, keep a sharp eye peeled for Prime eligible items, videos, and Kindle books, as they’re clearly marked with the Prime logo. When a business gives you full access to their service or product for free, albeit for a short time, they’re making a bold statement to all consumers and competitors; their product speaks for itself, and they’re ready to back it up with action.