Arozzi Gaming Chairs

Arozzi ChairsArozzi Gaming Chairs

When it comes to racing style gaming chairs, just about every gamer knows about DXRacer but not everyone has heard of their top competitor Arozzi. DXRacers success has spurred many of their competitors into making their own versions of the racing style gaming chairs, some with their own unique style and design. Arozzi has stood out with their sleek designs and high quality at competitive prices. Here we review their first three chairs which have led to the company’s recent addition of products.




Arozzi Enzo Series

The first chair we will be looking at is the Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair. This lustrous chair, made of PU leather, comes in 5 different color options to match your style. It comes with all the standards you would come to expect from a high end computer chair, such as fully adjustable height and tilt controls. Its ergonomic design and ample padding have had its numerous owners complimenting its comfort over long gaming sessions. The Arozzi Enzo Series is by far the favorite Arozzi chair when you look at the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has received.






Arozzi Monza Series

The second chair we looked at from Arozzi was their Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair. This chair is very similar in function and build to the Arozzi Enzo Series of chairs, though it is a different style with changes to the shape and padding. This chair is still built to be durable and comfortable, leaving a lot of its owners saying how well built it is for the lower price point. The Arozzi Monza Series comes in four different color options and a style which may fit your preferences more than the Arozzi Enzo Series.






Arozzi Torretta XL Series

The Last chair we looked at was the Arozzi Torretta XL Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair. This chair more resembles the DXRacer designs of chair. The Arozzi Torretta XL Series was made for people needing a chair to fit their big or tall frame. This cloth shroud seat was made to support additional weight and comes with fully adjustable armrests, both width and height. The chair was designed after racing car seats and even reclines back like one. The Arozzi Torretta XL Series is a bit pricier than the other two chairs on this list, but that’s to be expected with a chair made with additional adjustments and to carry more weight, though it also comes with two additional pillows for the lumbar and head.

The Arozzi chairs are durable, well-made, comfortable and overall well-liked by their owners. When a company takes pride in their products, and puts out high quality ones like we have seen here, it shows. If you are looking for a high quality gaming chair, and like the racing inspired look of the DXRacer line of chairs, the Arozzi chairs may be the more affordable option you were looking for. If these chairs didn’t meet your specific interests Arozzi has recently added two new models to their collection, be sure to check them out before you decide on which chair is best for you.