Big Joe: Our Editor’s Choice for Affordable Gaming Chairs

Big Joe: Our Editor’s Choice for Affordable Gaming Chairs

Affordable Gaming Chairs

Big Joe is quickly becoming a renowned manufacturer of high quality bean filled chairs, but these aren’t your ordinary bean-bag chairs from your childhood, these chairs provide more back support, are easily refilled and are built to last. These chairs don’t compromise on quality and they’re all offered at prices that can’t be competed with. These innovative twists on the ever-popular bean bag chair are sure to be a big hit with all ages! Big Joe seems to know exactly what people are looking for in affordable gaming chairs: they want them to be inexpensive, comfortable, durable, and a little unique – what more could you ask for? Well, when it comes to affordable gaming chairs, Big Joe has raised the bar and set new standards with their line of nostalgic bean-bag inspired gaming and lounge chairs.


Big Joe’s Dorm Chair

This cushioned dorm chair isn’t Big Joe’s first walk in the park when it comes to making affordable gaming chairs, and it’s definitely not their last, so you can rest assured that it’s going to be made using the same high quality methods and materials they’ve already had success with. It’s been enveloped with ballistic fabric that’s super durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and even waterproof. This model comes with some interesting features you wouldn’t normally find on a bean-filled chair: side compartments for bottles, remotes and whatever else!  It’s been filled with Ultimax beans that gently support your body, giving you an authentic bean-bag chair like feel, but without all of the sinking, squishing and slipping – and unlike bean-bag chairs, you won’t ever have to “fluff” this chair by throwing it around like pizza dough. The upholstery has been double stitched and zippered for double the durability and strength. It even comes available in a wide variety of assorted colors, so you’re sure to find one to match your room and style!




Big Joe’s Roma Chair

Here’s another super comfortable chair from Big Joe’s affordable gaming chairs catalog. This chair, as well as all of the other chairs from Big Joe being reviewed in this article, utilizes the new, smaller, 20-percent denser Ultimax beans for an extra cushioned filling that’s firm but malleable. This chair also features the same ultra-durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and stain resistant ballistic fabric. If you’re looking to game with casual floor seating, this style is a must-try for you: it’s basically a gigantic bean-bag style mattress that’s been molded into one of the most comfortable, durable, unique and affordable gaming chairs around. Big Joe’s Roma Chair is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space to unwind and relax in.



Big Joe’s Original Bean Bag Chair

When Big Joe set out to design a bean-bag chair that was more durable, longer lasting, and less expensive than the rest of the chairs on the market, this was their result: Big Joe’s Original Bean Bag Chair! This multifunctional and easy to store bean-bag chair is super comfortable and tons of fun to figure out new ways to use, because Big Joe’s Original Bean Bag Chair transforms into whatever shape of chair you can think up! You can prop it on its side so it becomes a throne, lay it flat to transform it into a crash pad or love seat, lean it against a wall for a super cushioned chair, or anything else you can imagine. Regardless of how you decide to use it, you can rest assured that it won’t easily tear open like other bean-bag chairs on the market as it’s been double stitched and zippered for maximum strength, durability and safety. As far as affordable gaming chairs go, you can’t really beat the nostalgia you get from a classic bean-bag chair, improved design or not.




Big Joe’s Duo Chair

This chair bears a striking resemblance to the Big Joe Dorm Chair, but upon closer inspection there are actually a few differences.  Even though Big Joe’s Duo Chair is an earlier version of the Dorm Chair, it still comes with side pouches for extra storage, just no bottle holder. Unlike the Dorm Chair, this model is available in multiple different patterns rather than just different solid colors. Other than these two differences, both chairs were made with the same high quality materials and level of craftsmanship you can expect of all Big Joe products. The Duo Chair features the same touch, stain and water-resistant SmartMax fabric and has also been double-stitched and zippered for strength and safety.




Big Joe’s Video Lounger

If you’re looking for a change of pace from all of those fabric-wrapped hardwood rockers, then this video lounger from Big Joe is going to be a welcome breath of fresh air. Although you lose the fun rocking action of a gaming rocker, you’re going to be so much more comfortable after a few hours of gaming when compared with this bean-bag rocker mash up. It features the same tough, easy to clean, stain and water-resistant SmartMax ballistic fabric found on Big Joe’s other models and it relies on the same firm but malleable Ultimax beans to support you comfortably. This model has been double stitched and zippered for maximum durability and safety, is available in assorted colors and patterns, comes with side compartments, a drink holder, and even an easy to carry handle.

Affordable gaming chairs don’t have to be plain, uncomfortable or badly designed, and these Big Joe chairs prove it. These chairs give you comfort and support with their own unique style, at such a low price point it’s no wonder they are our editor’s choice in affordable gaming chairs.