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Ultimate Computer Gaming Desk

Ultimate Computer Gaming Desk If you love to game, you’ll know that a top-quality desk is always a good investment. Not only can the right desk provide a great environment for play, many desks also come with a bunch of added extras which can absolutely transform your gaming experience.  If you’re hoping to discover a gaming desk that really does provide far more than your average, mediocre offering, we can help. We’ve looked at lots of the gaming desks which are out there and picked four which we believe can all be described as the “Ultimate Computer Gaming Desk”.  Why […]

Ultimate Computer Gaming Desk

Inexpensive Desk Accessories

Inexpensive Desk Accessories to Make Your Gaming Life Better

Inexpensive Desk Accessories If you spend a considerable amount of time at your desk, comfort and convenience are always priorities. Many people want to customize their work or leisure space so it provides an optimal environment in which to spend time, which is when some affordable additions can really make a difference.  We’ve searched out a number of different inexpensive items that can significantly improve your desk time – whether you want to treat yourself or are hoping to find a suitable gift for someone you care about, these inexpensive desk accessories could be just the thing.   SMAGREHO Portable, […]

Corner Gaming Desk

Corner Gaming Desk One of the problems that gamers frequently encounter is finding enough space to keep all their kit in one place.  Particularly if you run two monitors simultaneously or have a range of different accessories that you want close at hand just in case you need them, it’s often the case that a single, average-size desk just isn’t going to cut it.  This is where a corner gaming desk comes in! Designed to fit snugly into any corner of the room, a corner desk provides the large amount of space you need to game enjoyably, without taking up […]

corner gaming desk

portable stand up desks

Portable Stand Up Desks, for Healthier Living

Portable Stand Up Desks, for Healthier Living   Who needs portable stand up desks? The short answer is that almost anybody that wants to improve their health and well-being! The proven dangers of spending too much time sitting down mean that a growing number of people are opting for the benefits that a stand up desk can bring. Obviously if you tend to work in a variety of different locations, a portable stand up desk makes sense, but what about people who only use one office for work, or use screens mainly at home? Portable stand up desks give you […]

Have you considered a stand-up desk workstation?

Have you considered a stand-up desk workstation? Stand-up desks are a fairly recent innovation, but a good one! They are a popular choice with a growing number of people whose work means they spend hours every day sitting in front of a screen. Stand-up desks were developed primarily as a response to the growing body of evidence which highlights the ill-effects that sitting for long periods can have on your body.  Recent research has shown that prolonged sitting can increase the risk of a wide range of ailments, including poor posture, obesity, back problems, joint problems, circulatory issues and even […]

stand-up desk workstation