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Are There Awesome Gaming Chairs for Console Players?

Are There Awesome Gaming Chairs for Console Players? Ever since video game streaming platforms like Justin.TV and Twitch have hit the scene, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the number of companies attempting to produce awesome gaming chairs but all of them seem to focus primarily on flashy, high-back racing chairs that are anything but cheap and cater mainly to PC gamers because you’re typically at a desk. So where does that leave the console gamers? Because I don’t think that a dining table chair with no padding is going to cut it for lengthy gaming sessions. Are there any […]

Awesome Gaming Chairs

Lrg BeanBag

Console Gamers Best Gaming Chair Under 100 Dollars

Console Gamers Best Gaming Chair Under 100 Dollars The most popular chairs for console gamers today are the ones that put you low to the ground and up close to the TV; For the most part rockers and bean bag chairs are what’s in. These stylish chairs can be stored out of the way when not in use and quickly deployed when needed. For the gamer on the budget here’s a list of four contenders for the best gaming chair under 100 dollars.           V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair Our first two chairs will […]

The Ultimate Game Chair, Gaming Chairs You Have to See to Believe

The Ultimate Game Chair, Gaming Chairs You Have to See to Believe When it comes to console gamer chairs rockers reign supreme. All of the most popular and highest selling chairs are rockers, gamers just seem to love the style and comfort they bring. So of course we decided to review rockers when looking for the ultimate game chair. Gaming chairs have a lot of different brands but the best and most popular are the ones from X Rocker.           X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair The first chair we took a look at looks […]



The Best Video Game Chairs for Adults, A Rocker for Every Budget.

The Best Video Game Chairs for Adults, A Rocker for Every Budget.   A lot of adult gamers don’t have a need for any special seating when gaming, opting instead to use their couch or love seat; this is fine for a lot of people, but for people who really like to get up close when gaming moving the entire room around to accommodate can be a hassle. So for these select few, and those who just like a dedicated gaming chair, rocker gaming chairs may be just what you need. There are a lot of gaming chairs to choose […]

Gaming Chair for Bed Time

Gaming Chair for Bed Time When we were younger I am sure the idea of a gaming chair for bed would have sounded better than a racecar bed, but as we get older it just wouldn’t seem practical. So this idea isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for it. There are a lot of people renting small rooms and young adults who live in small dorms who could take advantage of the space afforded with a dual purpose chair like these. We found four well-made and highly rated chairs that would be perfect for gaming and […]


Where should I purchase my chair

Where to Buy a Gaming Chair

Where to Buy a Gaming Chair Twenty years ago the only place to buy an office or gaming chair was at an office or electronics store. Today, when someone asks where to buy a gaming chair, they usually mean online. There are still some benefits to going out and buying a chair from the store down the street, like getting to sit in it before hand for instance, but the mark-up is so high and the selection is a lot lower than desired. With the right online store the worry of buying a gaming chair blind isn’t as bad as […]

Good Cheap Gaming Chairs

Good Cheap Gaming Chairs for Console Gamers For console gamers the couch has generally been the go to seat, but when you get into a game and need to be up close and in the action there’s nothing like a good rocker.  Rockers have become the popular choice for console gamers looking for a comfortable way to play while staying focused on the game. There are a lot of different models to choose from and looking through all of them can prove frustrating when all your looking for are good cheap gaming chairs. We found four chairs from different companies […]


Lrg BeanBag

Finding a Bean Bag Gaming Chair for Adults Made in The USA

Finding a Bean Bag Gaming Chair for Adults Made in The USA There are a lot of things to be considered when buying a bean bag gaming chair for adults, quality, comfort, size, and aesthetics just to name a few. One option which has been becoming more popular lately has been to buy products that are manufactured domestically. Companies who manufacture their products right here in the USA are generally of better quality then their overseas counterparts. So we are going to feature four different companies who manufacture their products here in the USA.           Yogibo […]

Folding Gaming Chairs for Adults

Folding Gaming Chairs for Adults   When it comes to folding gaming chairs for adults not everyone will think of the same thing. There are a lot of chairs out there that are foldable, that being said I don’t believe most adult gamers are looking for lawn chairs. Adult console gamers are looking for gaming chairs which fold up for easy storage or chairs that fold into different positions to maximize their comfort while gaming. We have selected a few different chairs we have found which are high quality and well-liked by their owners for their various features. Rockers Our […]



Reclining Video Game Chairs

Reclining Video Game Chairs Ergonomics plays a big role in gaming particularly if you spend long hours in front of a screen, chair comfort is a key consideration.  If you want to avoid the aches and pains which come from using unsuitable seating, a reclining video game chairs can be a great investment.  When you’re considering your recliner purchase, a model which has a high level of adjustability is frequently the best choice.  We know that finding a suitable recliner chair can be difficult, which is why we’ve brought together five of the best.  If you want a reclining gaming […]