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Cool Gaming Chairs – Out with the old in with the New.

Cool Gaming Chairs – Out with the old in with the New.     Bucket seat style racing inspired gaming chairs are all the rave right now. With gamers streaming their experiences on twitch right now, there is hardly a channel that isn’t sporting one of these cool gaming chairs. We have scoured the web and found four different examples from four different manufactures of quality gaming chairs.           DX Racer DX Racer is the first name in racing inspired chairs. The leading and most popular company for racing chairs they specialize in only producing quality […]



Gamer Chairs – Console Players Want to be Comfortable Too!

Consoles Just Found the Right Type of Gamer Chairs   A comfortable chair is arguably as important as the right console when it comes to enjoying your gaming experience. When all you want to do is stay focused on play, seating which means you’re constantly wriggling about to find a suitable position, or which leaves you with a cricked neck or an aching back is just not acceptable. Most people accept that gamer chairs for Xbox or PS4 are an absolute necessity, but with so many different makes and models on the market, working out the right product for your […]

Computer Gaming Chair – An In Depth Look

Finding the Best Computer Gaming Chair for You If gaming is your passion, then it makes sense to ensure that you’ve got a computer gaming chair that can keep pace with the action.  The couch or a standard dining chair may be sufficient for quick play, but totally impractical for an all-night session.  Not only do both these options end up being horribly uncomfortable, they don’t necessarily have the right styling to make play efficient and sustainable.  Insufficient chair arms, for example, can make it uncomfortable to game for more than an hour or so; sagging upholstery plays havoc with […]