Finding the Best Gaming Chair Under 50 Dollars

A Unique Console Gaming Chair Under 50 Dollars

Gaming Chair Under 50You’d think that finding a pretty good console gaming chair under 50 dollars wouldn’t be much of a challenge, but a lot of the time people settle too early, don’t do enough research or shopping around, and eventually wind up discovering they purchased a shoddy product. Detailed below you’ll find a unique selection of traditional – and some not so traditional – gaming chairs for under $50 that don’t compromise on quality where it counts. Take a look and see if any of these unique styles pique your interests!



X Rocker’s Pink Ergonomic Video Rocker

Here’s your classic console rocker design decked out in hot pink! These chairs are a blast to game in because you get to lean in during moments of intense action and also fling yourself back in exasperation when you finally beat that difficult boss or get taken down after a lengthy kill-streak! These chairs are also great for just lounging in: ideal for relaxing, watching TV, playing video games, and also just gently rocking while binge-reading your latest book obsession. This model features sleek pink vinyl which has been double stitched for extra durability.



Ace Bayou’s Life Style Video Rocker

Another cost-efficient rocker spin on the casual style of gaming chairs for under $50. This one features fire retardant foam padding and is enveloped by a soft, high-grade vinyl material. This type of chair is perfect for those who enjoy maximizing their space due to it’s compact, lightweight design. Although it weighs under 15lbs, this particular model is extremely durable because it was constructed using a hardwood frame. It also comes available in a wide variety of different color schemes and can even feature a sporty racing stripe mesh. The ergonomic shape of the seat provides extra lumbar stability and comfort for those long hours of continuous use. For all these reasons and more this chair has proven to be a popular choice amongst gamers.



Big Joe’s Dorm Chair


This super comfortable bean-bag style chair would make the perfect addition to any dorm room, bedroom, or man-cave/woman-cave. It’s been filled with mega-dense ultimax beans which gently conform to your body, giving you an authentic bean-bag chair like feel but without all of the sinking, squishing and slipping – it even comes with something a bean-bag chair could never have: side compartments for bottles, controllers and whatever else you can fit in there. This chair is made using ballistic fabric so it’s super tough, stain resistant, easy to clean, and even waterproof! It has been double stitched and double zippered for added durability and strength. It also comes available in a wide variety of assorted colors, so you’re sure to find one that would make an excellent addition to your favorite hobby space. Big Joe’s Dorm Chair has all of the right qualities to make it an ideal gaming chair under 50 dollars – it’s actually a lot less than $50, which makes it quite the rare find!




Big Joe’s Roma Chair

Here’s another super comfortable chair from Big Joe. This chair, as well as the previous one, both utilizes the newer, smaller, 20-percent denser ultimax beans as a plush filling that’s firm but with just enough give. Just as before, this one is also available in assorted colors to cozily fit into any décor. This chair features the same super durable ballistic fabric as the previous chair. Waterproof, easy to clean, stain resistant and as tough as nails; what more could you ask for? If you’re a fan of casual floor seating, this style is a must-try for you: it’s basically a gigantic bean-bag style mattress that has been folded into the most comfortable gaming chair for under 50 dollars that you’ll find around.



Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair

Here’s a super trendy product that hasn’t been around for too long. When you first come across one, it’s easier to imagine it as some type of ball return device for practicing baseball rather than a chair. Believe it or not; this super interesting dish design is actually comfortable, easy to fold up and transport, lightweight and stylish enough to have made it a best seller in a number of popular categories. According to a large number of reviews it’s very entertaining to absent-mindedly bounce in while you’re sitting. It features a sturdy construction comprised of steel tubes, and as such, has an impressive weight capacity of over 215lbs! Definitely a cool item to consider when coming up with your choice for gaming chair under 50 dollars.





As you can see, there is a much wider and more impressive selection at the 50 dollar price range than you would’ve originally thought, so don’t limit yourself to something ordinary if your budget isn’t as high as you’d like, because there are a lot of inexpensive, hidden gems available for order online.  The items listed above are proof that you don’t have to expect a high price tag in order to find something really great; you just have to think (and look) outside the box a little.