Gaming Chairs for Xbox One

Gaming Chairs for Xbox One

Gaming Chairs for Xbox OneIt can’t be denied that the floor is the console gamer’s domain. Gaming on the floor has quickly evolved from sitting on your butt, to the bean bag chair, and finally the rocker. Rockers make amazing gaming chairs for Xbox One gamers because most of them are equipped with their own sound systems and more. The comfort provided by the ergonomic shape of the rocker style gaming chair has raised the bar when it comes to what we expect from our casual floor seating. Not to mention it’s super satisfying to roll backwards or forwards during intense moments of gaming. Rather than tweak your spine by sitting on the floor for multiple hours you should give one of the chairs detailed below a try. What’s not to love?



X Rocker’s Surge Gaming Chair

Now here’s a well-made rocker from X Rocker. It features a very engaging racing-inspired bucket seat with red piping trim. High quality materials and dark, stylish, modern sports-car inspired airspace combine together perfectly in this model to provide a premium standard at which to judge all gaming chairs for Xbox One. In order to elevate your immersion into your entertainment, they’ve integrated AFM Technology speakers and a rowdy subwoofer directly into the chair. An easily accessible sound panel gives you separate controls for volume and bass, letting you rule over your sound experience.



X Rocker’s Pro H3 Wireless Gaming Chair

Here’s another extremely comfortable model from X Rocker. As far as gaming rockers go, this is definitely a top contender – basically a floor model Cadillac with all options shown. It comes fully equipped with four tastefully hidden speakers, an uproarious subwoofer, a built-in radio wireless receiver, and an extra-padded head rest and seat. It even has vibration technology which syncs with the bass in order to give you the most immersive experience possible. This is the ideal chair for long hours of – hopefully – uninterrupted gaming.



Boom Pulse Bluetooth Gaming Chair

If you’re in the market for something less bulky and less pricey than your normal premium rocker, then this wireless gaming chair should definitely make your shortlist. One of the coolest features about this chair is its ability to fold up and be secured safely in just about any compact space. Do away with forcing yourself to have a designated spot on the wall to lean a bulky entertainment chair against. It even comes with Bluetooth technology built right in and adjustable controls for vibration, volume, base and treble.  As far as practical gaming chairs for Xbox One, Playstation, Wii and all other consoles go; the Boom Pulse definitely ticks all of the quality boxes.





X Rocker II Wireless Gaming Chair

This full-sized gaming rocker features retractable armrests, a stylish modern look, sleek black vinyl, and an ergonomic, ultra comfortable design. Its features are sure to make it one of your favorite seats in the house. For an extra immersive experience, the X Rocker II comes fully equipped with two speakers in the headrest and a boisterous subwoofer built right in! This one’s definitely not your average rocker from the store down the block.



V Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair

If you’re in the market for a low-cost option without sacrificing on quality, then the V Rocker deserves your undivided attention. It’s a full back rocker which contours to your back and provides excellent lumbar support. Two forward facing speakers are gracefully concealed behind easy to clean, heavy duty vinyl and mesh cushioning. This particular model has a foldable construction which allows for it to be easily stored or taken anywhere. The V Rocker, like most gaming chairs for Xbox One and other consoles, has wireless audio transmission and a side control panel for input/output jacks and controlling volume/bass. If you’re looking for an economical model that has everything except armrests, then you’ve found it!



Elevate your console gaming experience to new heights by finding the gaming rocker of your dreams. Nothing compares to or gets you closer to the action than an immersive entertainment chair with all the fixings. It’s time you felt the ground shake as a tank trudges through the rubble your hiding behind. Really hear the bullets snap the air by your ear as they whizz by. Give one a try and see what you’ve been missing!