Gaming Chairs Under 100 Dollars You Just Wont Believe!

Gaming Chairs Under 100 Dollars – Buying Guide

Gaming Chairs Under 100Finding amazing gaming chairs under 100 dollars seems pretty easy upon first glance but you’ll soon discover that there’s actually a mess of overpriced junk out there. Sifting through it all to find the worthwhile gems can be a tedious task, but if you’re going to invest up to a hundred dollars on something you’ll be sitting in for extended periods of time you want to ensure you get your money’s worth – right? You want it be comfortable. You want it to last. You want something that blends well with your existing décor and most of all, you want to get more for less. Whether you’re looking for a portable, lightweight seat for the floor, or something modern with character to go behind your office desk, you’ll be happy to know some of the virtual “legwork” has been done for you already! Check out this variety of gaming chairs under 100 dollars’ worthy of your consideration.



High-back Computer Chair


Not every day you find full featured racing gaming chairs under 100 dollars, the high back computer chair from BestOffice is the first example we’ve found. Those in the market for a DX Racer style chair know how expensive they can be, to find one under 100 dollars is unheard of. If your thinking this is going to be a cheap knockoff you will be surprised, BestOffice has consistently delivered high quality products. Unlike the DX Racer style chairs, this chair actually comes with a built in foot rest and still delivers with a metal frame and PU leather covered seating. This new addition to BestOffice’s gaming chair line is sure to become their most popular chair.


Giantex Pu Leather Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat Chair

Here we have a well received gaming chair with a gaming style. The PU leather executive racing style bucket seat chair from Giantex offers what they do best, great quality at a low price. For a company that doesn’t specialize in chairs, all of their products get great reviews. The clean lines and well defined stitching offers this racing style chair a unique look that would fit right in with any home office or gaming room. This fully adjustable chair even has arm rests that can flip out of the way if needed.




Race Car Style PU Leather Gaming / Office Chair

The last of our reviewed racing style chairs, the race car style PU leather gaming / office chair from HOMCOM only just hit our radar. It’s not often we find gaming chairs under 100 dollars that boast a 330 pound weight limit, and for those with a wider stature the arms are detachable. The steel frame design and weight capacity were built for durability. This chair has all the features you would expected from a chair costing two to three times as much. HOMCOM has been an all but unknown company to us until now, with initial reviews looking positive we look forward to reviewing them more in the future.




PU Leather High Back Office Chair

BestOffice shows up once again with another great gaming chair under 100 dollars. The PU Leather High Back Office Chair offers a more executive look and comfort for that distinguished gamer. This chair not only provides a classic style it also comes equipped with ample padding for comfort during those long gaming sessions. This chair been touted as one of the most comfortable chairs in its price bracket. If your looking to add a little class to your gaming setup, then you can’t go wrong at this price.





Serta Executive Office Chair

Know for their high-quality mattresses and catchy cartoon sheep commercials, Serta also brings well costed gaming chairs under 100 dollars. With features labeled as “Pillowed headrest” and “layered body pillows” this chair wasn’t designed with gaming in mind but are features that most gamers are looking for. Ergonomically designed with comfort in mind the Serta executive office chair it almost seems like it was made for a good night sleep. As long as it doesn’t put you to sleep while gaming, the only downside we can find is that it doesn’t come with a cartoon looking stuffed sheep.





High Back PU Leather Executive Office Chair

Now here’s a classy desk chair that you won’t be able to find in your local office supply store. It features stylish, white polyurethane bonded leather which gives you that luxurious leather feel without breaking your budget. But utilizing this material does more than just keep costs down, it also provides ample resistance against water and oils, and it’s also a super comfortable medium for upholstery. This well-made high back chair is manufactured using high-quality parts and even rests on a metal base, which speaks volumes about durability. Polished metal, white leather and a high back, who could ask for more in a gaming chair under 100 dollars?





AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

AmazonBasics is known for providing top of the line products you can depend on, with little-to-no compromise and at a fraction of the price of the name brand competitor. This minimalist mid-back mesh chair would work well in any gaming cave, dorm room, or even office. It has been ergonomically designed, comes with a super padded seat and has a contoured mesh backrest for maximum breathability; all of which promotes comfortable sitting for extended sessions of working or gaming. A quality product from AmazonBasics with a price tag well below 100 dollars and it even comes with a 1-year limited warranty – what’s not to love?






AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

Here’s another amazing desk chair from the AmazonBasics’s catalog, and this one’s a #1 Best Seller! This ergonomic office chair comes with a staggering amount of positive reviews. It has been upholstered in durable, black bonded leather and features a super padded seat and back rest to ensure you stay comfortable even after the longest workday (or if you fall asleep in it after bingeing video games all night). With chairs as high quality as this one being available online, there aren’t many reasons left as to why people should shop locally; after all, it comes with free shipping, a 1-year limited warranty and at a cost much less than the average price you’d pay for a chair at your local “Office Blank.”



Serta Rocket Adjustable Gaming Chair

Serta Rocket released this adjustable gaming chair which easily transforms into three comfortable positions: chair, chaise and flat. When this no assembly required beauty arrives, whether you choose to sit, recline, or lie flat when you’re gaming, you’re sure to be as comfortable as possible and ready to play for hours. This multi-functional lounger is perfect for relaxing, gaming and studying, and would make a stylish addition to any space. It’s lightweight and easy to move from room to room despite its extensive padded cushioning and almost being six feet long. It comes in many different color options and features an ultra-stable ratchet locking mechanism to keep it in your chosen position. They’re definitely a cool product to consider if you’re in the market for floor-casual console gaming chairs under 100 dollars.


X Rocker’s Extreme III Gaming Rocker

X Rocker is a well-known manufacturer of high quality gaming rockers which range in design from models with just an ergonomic seat and padding, all the way to fully decked-out rockers that are sporting integrated speakers, boisterous subwoofers, Bluetooth support and much more. X Rocker’s Extreme III Gaming Rocker is a top-shelf model with a bottom-shelf price tag. It comes fully equipped with side facing 2.0 stereo speakers and a control panel which adjusts power, volume and provides input/output jacks. The full back support, ergonomic design, race-car inspired lines, and the entertaining style of the rocker, makes this one of the most ideal gaming chairs under 100 dollars for all ages and sizes.



Everyone is beginning to catch on to the fact they should be getting a lot more, for a lot less, when they shop online as you’re just one click away from a dozen different competitor’s websites. When you shop online, it’s like having all of your desired product’s biggest manufacturers set up shop on your block and the only other shoppers you encounter while perusing their wares are other people looking for exactly what you’re looking for; a deal without being taken advantage of. Therefore, the best part about shopping online has to be the reviews; there’s nothing like the brutal honesty of a few hundred anonymous people to help you make an informed decision – you know?