Gaming Chairs Without Speakers

Gaming Chairs Without Speakers


Gaming Chairs Without Speakers

When shopping for a new console gaming chair you shouldn’t limit yourself to just a standard rocker with some low-quality speakers and a plastic control panel haphazardly worked into yet another overused design. Once you discover the amazing variety of console gaming chairs without speakers available online, you’ll never be able to settle with just any ordinary floor rocker. While it’s true a rocker is the first console gaming chair that comes to mind when asked, there are just so many more comfortable designs and unique styles available. Detailed below you’ll find a number of excellent gaming chairs without speakers worthy of your consideration; hopefully they’ll pique your interests and help you to get started on thinking outside the realm of ordinary chairs.


Big Joe Lumin Chair

Here’s another amazing product from Big Joe, (a premier purveyor of ultra-tough and super affordable chairs). Enjoy the cushioned comfort of sitting on a bean-bag but with the proper back support of a chair when you choose to relax in the Lumin Chair by Big Joe. It’s been filled with mega-dense Ultimax beans which gently conform to your body and retain their position, rather than infinitely slip and slide like an over-malleable bean-bag chair. The majority of Big Joe chairs similar to this one all use the same type of Smartmax ballistic fabric for extra durability. This special fabric is extremely tough, stain resistant, easily cleaned, and is even waterproof – it also comes available in many assorted colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that fits well with your space. Double stitched and zippered for extra durability, and at a shockingly low price – what’s not to love?



Merax’s Foldable Swivel Gaming Chair

Here’s an interesting new take on the classic rocker. It seems as though Merax also realized that gaming chairs without speakers should come with a lot more features than your typical rocker. This one is actually elevated slightly and rests on a swivel, allowing you to easily rotate 360 degrees without giving up that super fun rocking motion. This well-made chair was crafted with a steel frame and is stuffed with high-density super foam for extra durability, comfort and lumbar support. One of the coolest aspects of this chair is its’ ability to easily compact and fold up for easy transport or storage. It’s even wrapped in a thick, knitted cotton fabric, which adds a lot to the comfort factor of this chair. As far as gaming chairs without speakers go, this is definitely one to add to your shortlist, especially considering the remarkably low price tag for such a high quality chair.


X Rocker’s Ergonomic Hot Pink Video Rocker

If you’ve been perusing around the web looking for worthwhile gaming chairs without speakers and haven’t come across anything that catches your eye, then it wouldn’t hurt to consider a classic rocker that’s been taken to the next level. X Rocker is a renowned manufacturer of top of the line rockers, but even when they choose to create a more standard, minimalist style of model, they’re going to make sure it gets done right. This hot pink rocker has double stitched seams for extra durability and has been upholstered with a high-quality, sleek vinyl fabric. It’s been ergonomically designed with a wide base and tall backrest in order to promote excellent lower back and lumbar support.




T&D’s Massaging Leather Recliner w/ Ottoman

When you think of classic gaming chairs without speakers, a full-sized, double-padded recliner with powerful massaging capabilities doesn’t exactly leap to the forefront of thought – but it absolutely should! While having an ottoman could pose a problem for PC users with small desks pushed against a wall, it’s definitely not an issue for console lovers. This chair features a contemporary design which is basically a mix between a high-end, full back office chair, and those super heavy duty pay-to-massage recliners which are strategically stationed around your mall. This chair and ottoman has been fully enveloped by luxurious padding and high-quality leather. There’s nothing better than kicking back after a long, tedious day and getting a relaxing, powerful massage in the comfort of your own home. You’re given a remote control, which can be conveniently placed in one of the chair’s many side compartments, so you have complete control over the pattern and five different intensity settings. Imagine unwinding to video games or watching TV with your legs propped up on a cushioned ottoman, as your upper-back, lower-back, thighs and rear are all bombarded with soothing, stress melting vibrations – sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Bet you never thought something like this was in your price range, but it’s actually not much more than your average desk chair from an office supply store.


Big Joe Roma Chair

Here’s another super comfortable chair from Big Joe’s catalog. This chair also utilizes the newer, smaller, 20-percent denser Ultimax beans for its plush, firm filling, which is remarkably similar to a bean-bag but with more support and just enough give. This chair features the same ultra – durable ballistic material as the Lumin chair. Waterproof, easy to clean, stain resistant and as tough as nails; what more could you ask for? If you’re a fan of casual floor seating, this style is a must-try for you: it’s basically a gigantic bean-bag style mattress that has been folded into one of the most comfortable gaming chairs you’ll find around, and it’s also available in assorted colors to cozily fit into any space. Big Joe seems to know exactly what people are looking for in gaming chairs without speakers: inexpensive, comfortable, durable and unmistakably unique. These nostalgic, innovative twists on the ever-popular bean bag chair are sure to be a massive hit. Get ‘em while they’re still cheap!!





With so many different takes on what a classic console gaming chair should deliver, hopefully it’s obvious now that you shouldn’t limit yourself to something plain that barely gets the job done. Since two-thirds of an average person’s life is dedicated to sleep and work, you shouldn’t be spending that other third unhappy and unable to relax or enjoy your entertainment properly because of a bum seat – treat yourself to something extraordinary! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of awesomeness that can be packed into a gaming chair while still retaining a reasonable price point.