Giantex Gaming Chair – A very solid choice!

Giantex Gaming Chair

Giantex Gaming Chair

Although it’s a great feeling to finally acquire that super popular name brand gaming chair you’ve had your eyes fixated on, finding something just as good (if not better) and at a fraction of the price is sure to feel even more amazing. Realistically, popular name brands don’t really promise or deliver anything more than a newer company would – except for that jacked up price tag of course. And just as college athletes give it everything they’ve got in an attempt to make it to the big time, promising up-and-coming gaming chair manufacturers, such as Giantex, will stop at nothing to earn your loyalty; resulting in higher quality, well-made and thoroughly designed  gaming chairs at rock-bottom competitive prices – sounds like a win-win for everybody! Detailed below you’ll find a few interesting pieces worthy of your consideration from the Giantex gaming chair catalog. These chairs were specifically chosen for their high customer satisfaction rate, craftsmanship, unique designs and low price points!




Giantex Compact Mid-back Mesh Ergonomic Swivel Chair

If you’re somewhat of a minimalist and get a strange rush from keeping your space compact and efficient, then this Giantex gaming chair was made specifically for you. Although upon first glance the chair looks a little flimsy and cheap, it actually boasts a much higher weight rating than average! And yes, the chair is cheap, but only in price – not in quality or craftsmanship! This model features an ergonomic contoured mesh backrest for maximum comfort and breathability, ideal for those who find themselves in warmer environments. It also comes with a super cushioned seat, 360 degree swivel action, and a pneumatic gas lift so you’re in complete control.





Giantex Full Mid-back Mesh Ergonomic Swivel Chair

Here’s another well-made Giantex gaming chair which bears a similar resemblance to the last mid-back mesh ergonomic swivel chair, but is less compact. Unlike the previous model, this one features armrests and comes with a much taller back rest with extra lumbar support. The backrest is comprised of a fitted, breathable mesh which has been contoured in order to optimally support your spine and improve your seated posture. Compared to the last model, this Giantex gaming chair has a slightly different style which is a little fuller, taller and wider, but all of which comes for a similarly low price! Definitely a consideration for those looking to maximize their budget.



Giantex PU Leather High-back Executive Task Chair

If you’re in the market for a gaming chair which gives you that top of the line feel but without completely shredding your wallet, then this executive Giantex gaming chair is worthy of your shortlist.  A generous amount of cushioning and padding has been tautly enveloped by high quality polyurethane bonded leather, resulting in a superior comfort while providing that authentic leather feel; all of which without a costly price bump! A high backrest, up-scale ergonomic design, and relatively low cost, easily elevates this gaming chair to a level above its competitors.






Giantex PU Leather Executive Bucket Seat Chair

Now here’s an awesome find that really puts things into perspective! Why would you pay over $300 for a name brand bucket style racing chair when this beautifully crafted Giantex gaming chair is just as well-made and available at a mere fraction of the cost? This racing inspired bucket style chair also features the same inexpensive PU leather option as the previous models. This model comes decked out with a pneumatic gas lift, super soft cushioning, fully adjustable seat height and arm rests, and is available in assorted colors so it can mesh nicely with other items in the space.



Giantex High-back Race Car Style Gaming Chair

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty race car style inspired gaming chair which features high quality materials, bucket seats, ergonomic design, and an impressive weight capacity of well over 500lbs, then look no further than this deluxe Giantex gaming chair! It comes with a 360-degree swivel function, pneumatic gas lift to adjust seat height, oversized castor wheels for better movement, a generous amount of dense padding and the upholstery has even been double stitched for maximum longevity. This ultra-durable Giantex gaming chair was manufactured to be an ideal option for the larger person and even comes available in a variety of vibrant color schemes. While the vast majority of reviews for this chair are extremely positive, there are a few who have found that the non-adjustable armrests somewhat narrow, so please keep this in mind as you come about making your own informed decision.





Flashy, expensive advertisements and endorsed sponsors promoting an overpriced, dime-a-dozen “sporty” design, doesn’t at all mean that a gaming chair will be more comfortable or reliable. Did that name brand gaming chair you see everywhere earn its popularity because it’s an outstanding product, or was it just a fluke from some well placed ads? At the end of the day, it’s the quality of a chair that determines its’ worth, not popularity. Now, compare the price, reviews and ratings of these Giantex gaming chairs with a top-end name brand competitor and discover for yourself how close the race really is!