Good Desk Chairs for Gaming

Good Desk Chairs for Gaming

Good Desk Chairs for GamingAfter lots of budgeting and saving you’ve finally acquired a gaming rig worthy of bragging rights, but you can’t just drag the nearest stool over and expect to play for more than an hour without incurring a heap of back and shoulder pain. You also need to shop around for an affordable, high quality seat that will let you game in comfort. When it comes to good desk chairs for gaming, office supply stores are a thing of the past, the internet has made finding quality products easier than it’s ever been. Detailed below you’ll find a variety of good desk chairs for gaming worthy of your consideration.




Lorell’s High-Back Multi-Task Chair

With just a glance you’d realize this just might be one of the most comfortable office chairs in existence. It features super soft padding and it’s even doubled up on cushion in the places where you need it most! This impressive high-back burgundy chair by Lorell is also said to be as durable as it is comfortable. One understated benefit of good desk chairs for gaming like this is that the superior cloth materials it’s made out of isn’t adversely affected by heat or cold, unlike vinyl and leather. However, this stylishly compact and affordable desk chair is only rated to handle loads of 225lbs a little under the average weight limit of 250lbs, but the difference isn’t really much of a compromise considering how comfortable the chair is. I guess they had to make room for more padding!





SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Chair

Now here’s an affordable model with features and style out of its league! It’s well known for having a strong, breathable mesh back-rest and lumbar-conscious ergonomic design which comfortably supports you throughout long hours of extended working or gaming. The seat is made from eco leather or bonded leather, which helps to keep the costs down while maintaining that sleek leather feel. Oversized caster wheels are featured for better stability and movement on carpet covered floors. If you’re looking for the quality of a top-end name brand designer but without the price tag, many people have found themselves surprisingly pleased with this hidden gem!





OIF’s Big & Tall Mid-Back Swivel Chair

Not everyone can sit comfortably on those armless, miniaturized neon-colored office supply chairs meant for cramped college dorms which have been rated to support the weight of a Chihuahua. For those looking for good desk chairs for gaming requiring higher weight capacities or taller back-rests, here’s the chair for you! OIF’s Big and Tall Swivel Chair is an extremely durable, low cost, well-made chair crafted specifically for bigger and taller people. It features thick, comfortable cushions which hold their shape well over time, full back-rest, adjustable arm-rests and even boasts an impressive weight capacity of over 450lbs! The cloth fabric surrounding the resilient cushioning is a welcome change of pace from the hard leather (or more likely pleather) that sticks to you when it’s hot or shocks you awake when it’s cold. So if you’re big or tall and have been experiencing hardships in your quest for an adequate seat, then look no further! Definitely add this to your shortlist.





AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

If you’re looking for another correlation to the old axiom, “you get what you pay for,” then this is definitely not it – you’re going to wind up getting more than you expected out of this little seat. This ergonomic office chair comes with a breathable contoured mesh backrest for maximum comfort during those hot days. Pretty much everything besides the armrests is fully adjustable through pneumatic and tilt controls. It’s one of the most popular chairs for the style/price bracket due to its astounding durability and positive reviews. It even comes with a one year limited warranty!




Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair

This is the absolute and final word in top of the line ergonomically-centered chairs. Herman Miller has outdone themselves yet again with their latest Aeron model. Every aspect of what comfort means to people in a chair has been identified, weighed and wondrously exploited in order to craft one of the finest seating vessels ever to exist. Every single factor regarding the way you sit in this chair can easily be adjusted on the fly. Herman Miller’s patented Kinemat® tilt mechanism lets your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally. The PostureFit® innovation ensures that your pelvis is naturally angled forward, keeping your spine in perfect alignment whenever you sit down! The front of the seat features a “waterfall” edge which alleviates pressure from your thighs, allowing for optimal blood circulation to keep you alert and focused on the task at hand. The materials used for manufacturing the Aeron chair are of the highest grades and possess the most ideal qualities. Regarded by most as one of the most comfortably, durably designed chairs on the market today. When it comes to high-end desk chairs for gaming, this baby is basically the floor model Lamborghini with all options shown.



The chair you choose to sit in is just as important as the machine you choose to game on. The quality of the hardware found in your PC tower determines an enormous amount of factors, but primarily they all work together to influence your overall experience and satisfaction; a good desk chair for gaming isn’t any different, as the quality of materials can make all the difference in the world.