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Comfort is a relative term; everybody is a little different. We come in different shapes, sizes and with different preferences. So when it comes to chairs, people’s opinions on them can be drastically different. Some people prefer soft cushions while other enjoy them as firm as possible, there is no one chair fits all. This doesn’t mean that scientist haven’t looked into solving this riddle, some have even come up with equations in order to find the perfect chair for a particular body type.  No matter the body type or preference for materials there is at least one aspect of the chair that needs to be addressed when it comes to everyone, proper weight distribution.

Just about everyone has spent time in a chair that has caused some pain or discomfort over a long period of time; a lot of this can be attributed to the seat applying direct pressure to one or more of your bones. A well-made chair will take will distribute a person’s sitting weight away from the tail bone and pelvis. The concept of ergonomics has gone a long way in making office chairs more comfortable, because if you can sit for longer you can get more work done. Luckily for us gamers this same research has gone into making gaming chairs more comfortable as well.

backache-1620045-639x442Another way gaming chair companies have made their chairs more comfortable for a wider audience is through adjustability. You would be hard pressed to find a chair that doesn’t at least come with some adjustability now a day. Most chairs today will come with adjustable height and tilt control; depending on how far the manufacturer went you will find adjustable arm rests, head rests and even lumbar support. Some companies even offer custom or optional amenities such as additional cushioning, removable pillows and vibration or massage functions. The more options and adjustments a chair has the easier it will be to fine-tune it into a setting ideal for your own comfort.

A lot of people will associate leather as a medium ideal for comfort and while this can be true, other materials can be as comfortable if not more. In an ideal setting with a constant 70-degree temperature leather can feel great against the skin, but in real cold or hot environments it can be less than ideal. In colder climates cloth clad chairs can be a great choice, while in hot areas mesh backed chairs offer some much needed breathability. Your climate and environment where you game can be a big consideration in what material you choose for maximum comfort.

There are a lot of factors that go into what makes a comfortable gaming chair. This was the first of a series of articles that will delve deeper into each category of comfort. The final aim of which will be to send you back into the world with a bit more knowledge so that you can be confident in your decision of which gaming chair would be best for your needs.


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