Gamer Chair Comfort: Adjustability

Gamer Chair Comfort: Adjustability 

If you take your gaming seriously, selecting a chair that’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, even after hours of use, really matters.  Adjustability is crucial to individual comfort, so as a general rule, the greater the number of options there are to vary tilt, height or other variables, the more your chair can be molded to your individual requirements.  Summarized below are some of the main options for customization which gaming chairs commonly incorporate, enabling you to see at a glance what to look for when you start shopping.

Tilt controls

Having the ability to adjust how far you can lean back in your chair (tilt) is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy posture.  Advanced gaming chairs provide a good degree of tilt support for the spine, hips and knees.  Adjustable tilt enhances pre-existing ergonomics, providing a customized solution which is suitable for a wide range of gamers.  Most gaming chairs feature either manual or powered tilt controls, enabling you to configure the back of the chair to match your individual contours.

Height adjustments

Nobody wants to have their feet dangling from a chair!  Conversely, seating that’s too low can cause poor neck posture and unwanted tension on the shoulders, spine and legs.  Height adjustment allows you to personalize your chair to fit your leg length and screen positioning.  Height adjustment is also a great feature if more than one person sits in your gaming chair, as each user can alter it to suit their needs.

XL Caster wheels

Casters are a great option to enable easy maneuverability between screens, or to quickly move into a more comfortable position in relation to the screen.  Look out for casters which are sensitive to pressure – these don’t slip when you’re sitting, but move smoothly and easily when you relieve the pressure on them briefly.

Adjustable lumbar support

Lumbar pain is a common problem for people that sit for longer periods of time, which is why a suitable lumbar support can be a great option.  Many chairs come with a lumbar pad, that can be moved up or down the back of the chair to offer support in the correct place.

An adjustable head rest

In the same way as a lumbar support provides a boost to lower spine health, a head rest can really make a difference to neck positioning and head comfort.  Good quality gaming chairs have an adjustable head rest which can be altered to fit your particular neck dimensions.  An essential for anyone that enjoys long periods of gaming, a head rest is also useful for people with pre-existing postural or skeletal problems.

Adjustable arms

Some people love them, some people hate them!  Arms on a gaming chair can be really irritating, or else provide essential support, particularly when using a hand held counsel.  Opting for arms which can be removed or re-profiled enables you to get the chair contour you crave at the same time as keeping your options open should you decide that arms are preferable in specific circumstances.

A chair which can be appropriately adjusted to meet your needs isn’t just essential for comfortable play, it can also protect you against a number of chronic health problems.  The greater the level of adjustability, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with a chair that can be altered to fit your unique dimensions and requirements.  Taking account of the adjustable features mentions here will help to ensure you end up with a gaming chair that’s a healthy, comfortable option as well as providing a high caliber play experience.