Gamer Chair Comfort: Materials

Gamer Chair Comfort: Materials

Contemporary gaming chairs come in a wide range of coverings, but which is most likely to provide a cost-effective option that also offers a comfortable, durable and attractive choice?  We’ve taken a closer look at some of the most commonly used gaming chair materials, giving you the information you need to select a gaming chair that’s just right.



Well-known for its durability, breathable nature and resistance to staining, leather is a top quality covering that looks amazing.  Enthusiasts value the way it stays in shape and keeps looking good, even after protracted long term use.  Although leather is a luxury choice, it does need a fair amount of maintenance to keep it looking good.  Vegetarians or vegans may be concerned about the ethics of using an animal product.



With all the great good looks of real leather, faux-leather is usually a more affordable option. Top quality faux-leather is extremely durable, whereas cheaper alternatives can start to sag and bag after a relatively small amount of wear.  Some faux-leather can be laundered (although it needs to be air dried), which makes it easier to maintain than a genuine leather option.


PU Leather

To make PU leather, small scraps of genuine leather are bonded together tightly using polyurethane.  This gives a material that looks very much like an all-leather option, but is significantly cheaper.  Care is similar to real leather, but generally PU leather wears quickly, lacking the resilience of a more expensive material.  If you’re short of cash, PU leather can give you the look you want for less, but you may have to compromise on longevity and comfort when you select it.



Like any other manufacturing process, the creation of leather from raw animal hide involves a number of different processes.  Eco-leather is leather which has been made using processes which are as environmentally friendly as possible.  Although there is no specific difference in looks or functional capabilities between eco-leather and leather prepared using traditional methods, environmentalists and planet friendly folk may prefer eco-leather for their gaming chair.



Easy to care for and available in a wide range of colors and textures, vinyl is a versatile alternative that’s appropriate for almost everybody.  Although durability can be an issue, top quality vinyl can perform as well as leather or any other high grade material.  Some gamers find that vinyl seating lacks the comfort of a natural material, but for a few hours, most people tolerate vinyl extremely well.



The number one choice for people that value cool comfort, a mesh construction encourages air circulation and is ideal for gamers that play for long periods of time or who live in warmer climates.    Normally the mesh is made from a synthetic material, which opens up plenty of style possibilities and means the fabric is easy to keep clean.  Durability may be an issue, so selecting a reputable brand is often the most sensible way to go.



An economical alternative, cloth often requires a high level of maintenance and can wear quickly.  Enthusiasts love the comfort which a natural cloth (cotton, for example) can bring and also enjoy the many different colors and patterns available.  It’s also possible to buy ethically sourced cloth, which some people prefer.


Although your budget and personal preferences usually determine which type of gaming chair material is right for you, our straight-forward guide should ensure you’ve got all the information you need to make a good decision.  With so many different chairs on the market, it’s always possible to find an option that’s just right for your needs.