Top Racing Gaming Chairs Compatible with Xbox One

Gaming Chairs Compatible with Xbox One


Top Racing Gaming Chairs Compatible with Xbox One

Every gamer has a preferred type of game they enjoy dedicating their time to, and with some of those genres there comes specialized equipment to help maximize the experience. When it comes to first-person shooter fanatics, you’ll find them investing in top of the line mice, mechanical keyboards, over-sized mouse pads and comfortable chairs. Those who are addicted soaring through the skies playing dog fighter or flight simulator type games will definitely have purchased a proper joystick, and maybe even a whole lot more (like six monitors attached to a cockpit style gaming rig, and all of it tilts)… So, if adrenaline fueled racing games are your go to game; what would make for a one of a kind experience? A super sick, racing car inspired bucket seat complete with adjustable rig mounts that are ready for all the amenities, of course! Detailed below you’ll find a variety of racing simulator gaming chairs compatible with Xbox One (some for PC too) and just about every other console on the market.



OpenWheeler’s Classic Racing Simulator Chair

Here’s an extremely well-made driving simulator rig which comes paired with a fully adjustable chassis and a real racing car seat! This model features a wide, durable, and light-weight frame for extra stability so you lean into your turns and scramble to twist the steering wheel with gusto! The padded, contoured backrest (which is generously high) and waterfall bucket seat provide excellent shoulder, back and leg support for people of all sizes. The seat comes available in a sporty black and red color combo, and it also glides, as well as reclines, to allow enough leg room for extra tall people. This model comes with an easily adjustable pedal platform and steering wheel mount, so you have as much control over your seating position as a real car. Gear shifter mount and all controls are sold separately!


GTR Racing Simulator Touring Model w/ Shifter Mount

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality or optional features, then this is definitely one of the gaming chairs compatible with Xbox One you should consider. This racing simulator cockpit by GTR comes equipped with an actual racing bucket seat, a powder coated steel frame for maximum durability, and, unlike the other models so far, even comes with a mount for the gear shifter! The bucket seat is fully recline-able, but is only available in black. The foot pedal and steering wheel mounts can be easily adjusted to accommodate just about any driver’s height. Compared with a lot of the other models on the market, this one seems to give you a lot more for your money and it even comes with a smaller price tag to boot. The pictures can be a little confusing, but this model comes with the chair, steel frame, shifter mount, pedal mount and steering wheel mount, and doesn’t come with any of the controls you see displayed – just to clarify.


OpenWheeler’s Racing Cockpit for Logitech and Thrustmaster Wheels

Here’s another quality product from the OpenWheeler’s gaming chairs compatible with Xbox One catalog. This model has been specifically designed to be compatible with Logitech’s new G29, G920 and G27 racing wheels, as well as all Thrustmaster racing wheels. This one also features an authentic racing car seat which is made up of a solid tubular steel frame, cushioned padding and breathable fabric. An often overlooked, but essential, option that comes with this model is the gear shifter mount can easily be positioned to the left or right of the driver’s seat. Pretty much everything regarding the frame and chair is adjustable. The seat comes available in assorted colors, reclines and glides, while the steering wheel mount can extend, retract, and angle forwards and backwards. The steering wheel, pedal and shifter controls are all sold separately.



A lot of people in the world are of the firm belief that life is too short to drive slow cars; well, the same goes for using a controller to simulate racing and flying games if you’re a gamer. In the end, the time spent gaming on a controller versus a sick sim rig is the same, but if you’re really going to attempt to simulate something, shouldn’t you want it to feel as real as possible? After all, it’s the experiences which draw us into these games. So for the true enthusiast the right racing gaming chairs compatible with Xbox One further enhance this experience.