The Rise of the Racing Chair

The Rise of the Racing Chair

Racing Chair


Just about every PC gamer has seen or heard of DX Racer brand race inspired gamer chairs. A large part of their recent popularity comes from Twitch, where almost all of the more popular streamers are seen using them. They have seen so much success that competitors have been popping up everywhere developing their own racing inspired chairs. So this is a look at three companies who have either just started as a result or have just put out a new line of racing chairs.







The first company we took a look at was Baymate, a relatively new company from what I could find. They recently came out with an entire line of chairs and seats, gaming and otherwise. The have three different models of racing inspired gamer chairs which each come in varying colors. Models like the Executive Racing Bucket Seat are made out of PU Leather are stylish and look to have ample padding. Baymate being so new it’s hard to give a review either good or bad, time will tell if the chairs are durable and worth their price, at the very least they are stylish.







Aminiture is another brand new company, but their focus has been solely on racing chairs. Their debut line of chairs are five different models, some with varying color options. Their terribly named Video Game Chair With Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism looks a lot better than it sounds. Each of their five different models has its own unique look with an equally bad but descriptive name. Let’s just hope that so much thought was put into their chairs they didn’t have time for other things, like names.








Viscologic is a small company which offers an assortment of products related to home furnishing. Their recent line of gaming chairs includes the Cayenne Gaming Racing Style Swivel Office Chair, This model in particular looks especially like some of the DX Racer chairs. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a knock-off or anything like that, but if you are partial to their style you might like this one. This company was not trying to reinvent the wheel with their designs and rather went with what they know people like; This is not an uncommon strategy for new companies, we will have to see if it works out for them.

This was only a look at three of the companies who have jumped onto the proverbial bandwagon and step into the racing chair market. It will be interesting in ten to twenty years to see what people think, either they will be laughed at as passing fad or still sold as just another style of chair that no one gives a second glance. No matter how our future selves look at them, right now people love them as stylish additions to their gaming rigs.