What Makes a Good Desk Chair for Gaming?

What Makes a Good Desk Chair for Gaming?

good desk chair for gamingWhen you’re a gamer nothing is more important than the equipment you depend on each and every gaming session. That’s why many people are meticulous when handling or cleaning their expensive keyboards, monitors, towers and mice, but one all-important item is far too often neglected: the chair! The hardest working piece of gaming gear is definitely the chair. One early pitfall of gamers is depending on a chair that can’t keep up with you and breaks quickly, or even worse, depending on something that just isn’t a good desk chair for gaming to begin with and so itgradually strains your body.You can’t just plop any random chair from your house in front of your computer desk and expect to remain comfortable for long sessions. So what makes a good desk chair for gaming? At the very least it needs to be comfortable, functional and built to last. Here are few affordable options which we think deserve a second look:




Flash Furniture’s Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Flash Furniture’s Mid-Back Mesh Chair is a great option for anyone gaming or working in a warmer environment thanks to its breathable design. Nothing is worse than being stuck with a chair that heats you up and makes you sweat because of the material. A few more great features about this chair include the flip-up arms and pneumatic lift so you’ll always be able to comfortably fit under any desk. Lastly, this model has an ergonomically curved backrest and is rather inexpensive.




Serta’s Microfiber Executive Office Chair

When it comes judging a good desk chair for gaming, it being comfortable is probably the most desirable trait a chair can have. Serta’s Microfiber Executive Office Chair definitely ranks 11 out of 10 in that category. It features plush, layered pillows on the head and backrests, and a waterfall seat edge to alleviate pressure caused by the legs to improve circulation and reduce fatigue. Despite being incredibly soft and covered in cushions, this chair provides exceptional lumbar support. Unfortunately this model doesn’t have adjustable arms, but I still can’t think of a better chair to fall asleep in at my desk.




Best Office’s Ergonomic High-Back Office Chair

If you’re looking for a well-rounded desk chair for gaming, then you can’t go wrong with an ergonomically designed, high-back, leather office chair – like this one. It features sleek and smooth PU leather, which is a low maintenance, low cost and easy to clean material when compared with natural leather. As gaming chairs have advanced and progressed, one thing still remains constant even in the newest, most expensive models: the high-back design. No other type of chair can compete with the back support provided by an ergonomically designed high-back chair. The non-adjustable armrests are a slight drawback, but still a really good desk chair for gaming.






AmazonBasic’s High-Back Executive Chair

Here’s another classic high-back executive chair similar to the previous chair but with a few slight differences. The backrest on this AmazonBasic’s High-Back Executive Chair isn’t as tall and the cushions aren’t as prominent as the one from Best Office. AmazonBasic’s chair seems to be more conservatively made so that it can fit different body types without wearing down quickly. The whole chair has been ergonomically designed, and upholstered in low maintenance, low cost bonded black leather. It comes with an extra padded seat and backrest, but unfortunately no adjustable armrests again.

To be honest, a lot of features available on new popular chairs you can easily live without. As long as your desk and new chair accommodate each other well, you won’t have much need for adjustable armrests. That’s as far as you should sacrifice when it comes to functionality, though. The most important factor when choosing a good desk chair for gaming is whether or not the chair has a fine balance between comfort and sturdiness. A chair which is too focused on being soft will be comfortable at first but break in quickly, and fall apart much faster than a balanced chair built to last while trying to be comfortable too. Keep these things in mind when you’re searching for your new chair, or you might end up searching for another chair as soon as a year.